Glow In The Dark Nail Art In 2023

Glow In The Dark Nail Art In 2023

Mesmerizing Glow in the Dark Nail Designs to Try in 2023

Are you ready to make a statement with your nails? Get ready to embrace the futuristic trend of glow in the dark nail designs in 2023. Read on to learn the best semi cured gel nails from nails that glow in the dark like black and neon green nails to a nice blue hue.

These captivating designs make your nails stand out and draw attention. They can even do so in low light, adding a hint of intrigue to your style. Whether you're attending a party, hitting the club, or just want to stand out from the crowd, glow in the dark nails are the perfect choice.

In this blog, we'll look at glow in the dark nails this year from the brand semi cured gel nail strips brand, Edgeu. However, other semi cured gel nail brands such as ohora has spectacular designs albeit not glow in the dark. You can grab any design and add a little glow in the dark sticker to it to match your look. Now, get ready to show off your neon nails this fall season!

1. EDGEU16 | Romantic Neon Glow

romantic neon glow

Looking to add a pop of vibrant charm to your manicure? These nail strips are a delightful choice. They come in a range of romantic neon shades that are sure to grab your attention right away. These gel nail strips boast a luminous and lively color palette, making your nails stand out with a striking and energetic flair.

2. EDGEU16 | Leopard Neon Glow

These nail strips showcase a captivating leopard print design in dazzling neon hues that are bound to turn heads. These gel nail strips are all about making a stylish statement right at your fingertips.

3. EDGEU16 | Cloudy Neon Glow

A captivating design inspired by the beauty of clouds to life with a neon color palette. With their soft and whimsical vibe, these gel nail strips create a mesmerizing and ethereal look on your nails, truly making a statement at your fingertips.

4. EDGEU16 | Rock Chic Neon Glow

This glow in the dark design blends rock-inspired elements with lively neon colors. With their rebellious and high-energy vibe, these gel nail strips are all about making a bold statement right at your fingertips.

5. EDGEU16 | Bohemian Neon Glow

Inspired by bohemian aesthetics and infused with eye-catching neon colors,  their eclectic patterns and bold hues, these gel nail strips truly capture the essence of bohemian style, making them a unique choice for your nails.

Looking For More Glow? Here Are Tips for Applying Glow In The Dark Nail Decor Stickers

Prep Your Nails

This means cleaning them and making sure they’re free of any oils or dirt. You can do this by washing your hands with soap and water, then using a nail brush to scrub your nails.

Start Applying The Stickers

Now it’s time to start applying the stickers. Begin by peeling off one of the stickers from the sheet with a tweezer. Because the nail decals are so delicate, they can easily break, so be careful when removing them from their packaging. The thinner the sticker is, the better it will look on your nails for a smooth finish.

In Conclusion

For the newest trends and cool nail art ideas, express yourself with glow in the dark nail designs. Although these nail strips are not glow in the dark nail polish that most might already know, they are just as stylist and with more design.

Get ready to shine brightly and make a fashion statement like no other in 2023. Let your nails be the talk of the town with these stunning glow in the dark designs. Don't miss out on this cutting-edge trend – read on to discover everything you need to know to rock glow in the dark nails in 2023.

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