Fun & Easy Halloween Nails To Try Out in 2023

Fun & Easy Halloween Nails To Try Out in 2023

Trendy Halloween Nail Looks of 2023

Get ready for Halloween with spooky nail designs. Ready for that Halloween manicure? If you're going to a costume party or want a Halloween look, these nail designs will definitely leave a strong impact. From creepy cobwebs to cute pumpkins, there's a design for everyone.

In this blog, we'll look at popular spooky Halloween nails this year from brands like ohora, Edgeu, and Zinipin. Get ready to show off your spooky and stylish nails this Halloween!

1. N Goblin Moon | ohora

N Goblin Moon | ohora

Embrace your inner witch with one of the best ohora gel nails designs suitable for this spooky era. From classic witch hats to broomsticks and cauldrons, the purple ombre with glitter accents is the perfect touch for witch nails.

2. N Hello Ghost | ohora

N Hello Ghost | ohora

Ever thought about Halloween ghost nails? Because a tiny ghost on nails never looked so cute! These ohora nails is simple but adds a touch to spooky season this year. 

3. N Moonlight | ohora

N Moonlight | ohora

This festive season calls for a witchy transformation, as you embrace the magical aura of the night. Picture yourself under the moonlight, surrounded by powers of witches and the ominous glow. With ohora's N Moonlight, your nails will channel the mysteries of witches.

4. Edgeu 16 | Black Hole Magnet

Edgeu 16 | Black Hole Magnet

This deep, mysterious black color nails are pleasantly vibrant and eye-catching for the Halloween season. The glimmer will ensure your nails are the star of the night. Sometimes you just need a solid color nail with a little shimmer! Get ready to celebrate in style and let your nails cast a bewitching spell this season!

5. Black French Tip | Zinipin

Black French Tip | Zinipin

Choose black or French tips for Halloween nails that will match any costume you pick. This simple yet bold look will do wonders in completing your hauntingly chic look. Embrace the spirit of Halloween and let your fingertips do the talking with these bewitching nail designs.

6. N Onyx | ohora

N Onyx | ohora

A classic pick that will never shine you wrong. This black gel nail color is popular and elegant, making it a must-have for special occasions. These semi-cured gel nail tips not only embrace the essence of Halloween but also ensure your nails remain festive and captivating all season long.

7. N Lunar Eclipse | ohora

N Lunar Eclipse | ohora

Experience the enchantment of Halloween with a captivating look inspired by the night sky during an eclipse. Completing this hauntingly beautiful gel manicure is a crescent-moon shaped decal that adds an extra touch of magic to your nails.

8. N Silhouette | ohora

Imagine translucent black nails as your canvas, adorned with shimmering silver glitter that glints like moonlight on a haunted night. This exquisite design embodies the spirit of Halloween, offering a captivating and glamorous twist on classic black color.

Add Halloween decal stickers to spookify your look!

Classic Halloween Nail Design Stickers


Ghost: Ghost nail art is classic for this season!

Spider webs: Add a touch of spookiness to your nails with these intricate spiderweb stickers.

Jack-o'-Lanterns: Embrace the Halloween spirit with these adorable pumpkin stickers.

Bats: Fly into the Halloween season with these cute bat stickers.

Skulls: Channel your inner goth with these edgy skull stickers.

Tips for Applying Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips

Prep Your Nails

Before using ohora semi cured gel nail or any brand, ensure your nails are clean and oil-free. This will ensure that the strips adhere properly and last longer.

Use a Base Coat

Applying a base coat before using nail strips can make them stick better and last longer on your nails. It can also protect your natural nails from any potential damage.

File Off the Excess

After applying the nail strips, use a nail file to gently file off the excess. This will give your nails a clean and professional look. Be sure to file in one direction to avoid damaging the strips.

Seal with a Top Coat & Cure

To ensure your semi cured nails last as long as possible, seal them with a top coat and cure again. This will add an extra layer of protection and shine to your nails.

We also have a detailed removal video on YouTube that will guide you step by step on the removal process. Click here to watch.

In Conclusion

Semi cured gel nail strips are the perfect solution for achieving trendy and easy DIY Halloween nail art. Whether you're using these strips or nail polish, you'll be able to strive for that perfect Halloween look.

With an easy application, long-lasting results, and variety of designs, you can't go wrong with these strips for the holiday. And if you can't find the perfect design, you can always create your own using a few simple materials. So get creative with your Halloween nails this year!

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