The Perfect Holiday Nails To Rock This Christmas!

The Perfect Holiday Nails To Rock This Christmas!
Are you holiday ready? The holiday season is a time for fun and celebration. What better way to get into the holiday mood than sporting festive nails? This blog post will showcase different nail designs that are perfect for the holidays. From merry snowflakes to Reindeer nail art, we have you covered! So, whether you want to switch up your everyday look or are just starting to think about your Christmas nails, check out our roundup below.

Christmas Holiday Nails

Christmas theme manicure Womans hand in fingerless puffy gloves holding a christmas bauble holiday nails stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Christmas holiday nails can be so much fun! From snowflakes to candy canes, we’ve got beautiful festive, and fun holiday nail designs that you’ll love. Does this mean you can’t get that classic French manicure? You can still get that look, but jazz it up with a holiday twist. Make the tips of your nails in bright holiday colors like red or green, and then top it off with glitter. You can also mix colors and add holiday-themed decals to your nails. This is a great way to switch up your everyday look and make it festive for the holidays! So, check out our roundup below to get inspired by some of the most festive and fun holiday nail designs. Show off your holiday spirit with these amazing holiday nails!

Festive Nail Ideas

Below are some of the best holiday nail designs you can rock this season.

Multicolored Glitter Nails

Get your Christmas nails feeling merry and bright with these multicolored glitter nails. Whether you go for a classic red or a glittery look, this design will have your feet looking show-stopping!

Burgundy Nails

Burgundy is a must-have color for the holiday season. With its deep and rich hue, this beautiful wine shade will surely bring a touch of sophistication to your festive look.

Plaid Nails

Give your Christmas nails some holiday cheer with this cheerful plaid design. It features a deep wine gel, sparkling red glitter, and a traditional tartan pattern. You’ll look festive and fashionable with these cheery holiday nails!

Candy Cane Accent Nails

Take your Christmas nails to the next level this holiday season with a minimalist manicure. Our snow-white and forest green gel and dainty Christmas-colored nail art are perfect for showing off your festive spirit!

Red Blanket Nails

If you’re looking for a more subtle holiday look, try this red blanket check design. It has a classic Christmas feel with its chic black and red combination. Adding Champagne-colored, black, and red checkerboard nail strips to your wardrobe will add a bit of spice to your life.

Snowflake Nails

Get your winter wonderland on with this sweet and simple snowflake Christmas nail design. The light blue is the perfect backdrop for these white snowflakes, creating the illusion of a starry night sky!

Silver Glitter Nails

Shine bright like a diamond in these gorgeous silver glittery gel nail strips. Get your Christmas nails twinkling with this nail set. The best thing about this set is that you don't need to apply glitter polish or anything. Just apply and cure! What's more, the white backdrop and sliver glitter will make you stand out in any holiday crowd!

Reindeer Nail Art

Add a festive touch to your holiday nails with these cute reindeer Christmas nails. These nails are perfect for a Christmas-themed mani, and the little gold leaf reindeers are sure to bring smiles all around.

Starry Ombre Nails

This creative and sparkly Christmas nail art design is the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. With a translucent base, topped with glittering accents and shimmering silver stars, this look screams Christmas cheer!

Addicting Glitter

Who doesn’t love glitter nails? Add a touch of extra sparkle to your holiday nails with our Pale pink Fairy Cake set. This shimmery Christmas nail is sure to have you twinkling like a Christmas tree!

Other Products To Help Your Christmas Nail Designs Look Jolly

Nail Decal Stickers

For an eye-catching touch, put on some holiday-themed nail decal stickers. With various designs, like snowflakes, Christmas trees and candy canes, you’re sure to find just the right look for your nails! Christmas decals are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your DIY manicure. They are also easy to apply and don't require extra work with nail brush.

Pro Loose Skin Remover

This is a must-have product for anyone who wants their holiday nails to look perfect. The Pro Loose Skin Remover helps you easily remove any excess skin around your nails so that they are clean and smooth in no time!

Pro Nail Primer

Create a long-lasting nail look with this professional nail primer. The primer helps your nails to stick better so that you don’t have to worry about your holiday manicure chipping off within a few days.

Pro Glossy Top Gel

Add the perfect finishing touch to your holiday nails with a glossy top gel. The gel helps your nail polish stay in place longer and gives your nails a smooth and shiny finish! Use to increase the shine and durability of your nail strips.

Pro Soft File

A soft file is a must-have tool for anyone looking to give their nails a smooth and finished look. This professional-grade product helps to shape and buff your Christmas nails, giving them the perfect holiday finish.

Easy Peel Remover

When it’s time to take off your holiday nail look, use a special easy-peel remover. This product helps to dissolve the glue that holds the strip on your nails so that you can easily remove them without damaging your nail beds! It contains active ingredients that are tough on the gel but gentle on your nails. Use to quickly and easily remove your nail strips and reveal nails that are clean and moist.

Pro Nourishing Nail Oil

Keep your nails healthy and nourished during the holiday season with this special nail oil. It helps to hydrate and protect your nails so that they remain soft and strong even after you remove the strips. This oil is great for keeping your nails looking their best all year round!

Cordless UV Lamp

Get salon-quality manicures with a cordless UV lamp. A cordless UV lamp is perfect for drying your Christmas nails in minutes. It is compact, lightweight, and versatile, so you can take it wherever you go! This professional-grade tool helps to cure your nails faster, giving you perfect holiday nails in no time!

Christmas Holiday Bundle

What is Christmas without a little giveaway? Get your hands on two of our Christmas bundle options with all the holiday goodies you need to keep your nails looking their best at a discounted price. This bundle will have everything you need for a perfect holiday manicure! It is also a perfect gift choice for your friends and family members!

Option 1

1 - Ohora N Noel (Matte set) 1 - Ohora N Addict 1 - Ohora Glossy Top Gel 1 - GellyDrop Cordless UV Lamp

Option 2

1 - Ohora N Veil 1 - Ohora N Reindeer 1 - Ohora Glossy Top Gel 1 - GellyDrop Cordless UV Lamp

Best Outfit Choices To Wear With Your Holiday nails

Your christman nail designs will look even more stunning when matched with the perfect outfit. Choose from a variety of dresses and accessories that are sure to bring out the holiday cheer in you!

Little Black Dress

Show off your holiday nails in style with a classic little black dress. This timeless look is perfect for any holiday party or gathering. Accessorize it with gold jewelry, and you’ll be ready to meet Santa!

Red And Green Plaid Skirt

Try wearing a plaid skirt with your holiday nails for an extra festive touch. The red and green hues create an eye-catching contrast against your wintery Christmas nail art, perfect for a Christmas event!

Trendy Sweater

A trendy sweater is a perfect addition to any holiday look. Choose one with festive colors like red, green, or white to show off your nails! Add a pair of jeans, and you’re ready to rock the holiday season!

Maxi dress

If you’re looking for a more formal look, try wearing a maxi dress with your holiday nails. This classic style will make a statement and draw attention to your beautiful manicure! Add some metallic accessories to stand out from the crowd.

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Unless you plan to celebrate Christmas with bare nails, these holiday nail designs are the perfect way to add a festive touch to your look. Get your hands on these festive and fun holiday nail designs to ensure your holiday manicures stand out from the crowd this holiday season. With all the products mentioned above and the right tools, you can easily create beautiful and unique nails that are sure to turn heads at any Christmas party! So, pick your favorite design and get ready to sparkle this holiday season! Don’t forget to pair them with an eye-catching outfit for a truly special holiday look. Happy Holidays!

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