Pedicure: Everything You Need To Know

How To Get A Pedicure
It's summertime, and what better way to show off your sandal-ready feet than with a pedicure? But what is a pedicure, exactly? Is it just a fancy foot massage, or is there more to it than that? In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at pedicures, what they are, and how to get one done!

What Is A Pedicure?

man receiving foot massage pedicure The word Pedicure is derived from the Latin words "Pedis," which means "of the foot," and "Cura," which means "care." A pedicure is a cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails usually performed in a beauty salon. Pedicures are not just for women – men can also benefit from this relaxing treatment! During a pedicure, your feet will be soaked in a footbath to soften the skin and nails. After that, the dead skin cells on your feet will be removed with a scrub or pumice stone. Your toenails will be trimmed and shaped, and cuticles will be pushed back. A foot massage is usually included in a pedicure, which can help to relieve any tension or pain you may be feeling in your feet. Finally, your toenails will be polished with a color based on your personal preference. Pedicures not only make your feet look and feel great, but they can also help to improve circulation and prevent nail problems.

Step-by-Step Guide On How To Do A Pedicure

High Angle View Of Beautician Filling Man's Nail In Salon Pedicures are a great way to relax and take care of your feet. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do a Pedicure:

1. Remove Any Existing Polish Using Nail Polish Remover

A pedicure session going on Pedicures are a great way to remove any existing polish from your nails. You can do this by using nail polish remover or acetone. If you're using nail polish remover, pour some onto a cotton ball and hold it over each nail for a few seconds. Then, use a fresh cotton ball to wipe away the polish. If you're using acetone, pour some into a bowl and soak your nails in it for about five minutes. Then, use a nail brush to scrub away the polish. Acetone is harsher on your nails than nail polish remover, so if you have sensitive skin or nails, you may want to stick with nail polish remover.

2. Fill A Basin With Warm Water

Spa composition of legs Fill up a foot spa or basin with warm water. You can add some essential oils or bath salts to the water to help relax your feet. Soak feet in the basin for at least five minutes to soften the nails and skin. If you don't have a foot spa or basin, you can fill up a regular bowl with warm water and soak your feet.

3. Exfoliate Your Feet

oung woman removing hard skin on her foot with pumice stone. Exfoliating your feet will help remove any dead skin cells. You can use a foot file, pumice stone, or exfoliating scrub. Gently massage the scrub or pumice stone into your feet in circular motions. Once you're done, rinse your feet with warm water and dry them off. Then apply the foot scrub. Massage it into your skin in a circular motion for about two minutes. Again, rinse your feet with warm water and dry them off.

4. Moisturize Your Feet

A woman moisturizing her feet Now that your feet are exfoliated, it's time to moisturize them. You can do this by using a foot cream or foot mask. Start by massaging the cream into your feet and wrapping your feet in plastic wrap. Leave it for about 15 minutes to allow the cream to soak in. After 15 minutes, remove the plastic wrap and rinse off the mask with warm water

5. Trim Your Nails And File Them

Beutician using scissors on someones feet. Trim your nails using nail clippers or scissors. If you're using scissors, hold them at a 45-degree angle and trim the tips of your nails. If you're using a nail clipper, clip the tips of your toenails straight across. This helps prevent ingrown toenails and keeps them strong. Then, use a nail file or emery board to file them down, shape your nails and remove any sharp edges. Start by filing the sides of your nails and then file the top of your nails in a circular motion. File lightly without using too much pressure. If you want, you can also push back your cuticles this time with a manicure stick. To do this, soak a cotton ball in cuticle remover and hold it over your nails for a few minutes. Then, use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles gently.

6. Apply A Base Coat

Pedicurist painting a customers nails at work Apply a base coat to your nails to help the polish adhere better. Before you paint your nails, place your toes inside toe separators, so it is easy to paint them.

7. Apply Nail Polish

Manicure master is painting on female toenails with maroon nail polish by brush wearing white gloves Apply your polish of choice to your nails. You can use a brush or a sponge to apply the polish. If you're using a brush, dip it into the polish and tap it onto your nails. If you're using a sponge, dab it into the polish and press it onto your nails. Start with one coat, and then let it dry for a few minutes. Then, apply a second coat. Let your nails dry completely before moving on to the next step. You can use a top coat on your nails if you want. This will help protect your nails and make them last longer. If you're looking for an easier option to do a pedicure at home, try GellyDrops Semi-Cured Gel Nails. It's as easy as prepping your nails and applying the nail strips, then curing under a UV light. Once that's cured, top with a gel coat topper and cure again, and you're done! When doing this, you don't have to wait for your nail polish to dry between coats, and you'll have dry nails almost instantly. It's also important to note that when doing a semi-cured gel pedicure, we don't recommend soaking your feet, and if you do, make sure that your feet and nails are completely dry before starting the process.

8. Wipe Away Any Excess Polish

Asian young woman applying manicure and pedicure at home Use a nail brush or cotton ball to remove any excess polish from your nails. Also, apply a layer of cuticle oil on your newly polished toes. If you're using semi-cured nails, there isn't any clean-up, making your pedicure much quicker and easy to do at home.

9. Clean Your Tools

Manicurist disinfecting her instrument before autoclave loading. After you're done, it's essential to clean your tools. This will help prevent the spread of infection. Wash your nail clippers, scissors, and files with soap and water. Then, disinfect them by soaking them in rubbing alcohol for about five minutes. Dry them off with a clean towel before storing them away.

Tools Needed For A Pedicure

From above photo of spa slippers and pedicure set. To give yourself a Pedicure at home, you must gather all the necessary supplies. These include:
  • A basin or tub to soak your feet in
  • Warm water
  • Pedicure scrub
  • Foot file/pumice/exfoliating scrub
  • Plastic wrap
  • Toe separators
  • Manicure stick
  • Pedicure lotion or moisturizer
  • Cotton ball
  • Nail polish and top coat (optional)

Other Tips And Tricks For A Fabulous Pedicure

Pedicure treatment
  • If you choose to do your Pedicure at a nail salon, choose a salon with a qualified nail technician who has high standards of hygiene.
  • If you have foot infections, you should get those treated before you do your Pedicure.
  • To avoid getting the polish on your skin, apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly around your nails.
  • Your nail color is also essential. It would be great if it matches your manicure color. If you're using a dark polish, use a white polish as your base coat. This will help the color pop and make it easier to remove. If you would like a French pedicure style use white polish to paint just the tips of your toes. Also, go with a neutral shade of polish if you want to draw attention to your feet.
  • Resist the urge to shave your legs before a pedicure. Germs are more likely to get into your body through tiny nicks or cuts on freshly shaved legs. So, wait till after your Pedicure to shave.
  • If you want your Pedicure to last longer, you can apply a clear top coat every few days.
  • If you're using a foot scrub, wet your feet first. Otherwise, the scrub will be too harsh on your skin.
  • If you have diabetes, it's vital to get Pedicures regularly. This will help prevent any foot problems.

What Are The Benefits Of Doing A Pedicure?

A massage session Doing regular pedicures has many benefits for your feet, both for the health of your feet and for their appearance. Pedicures can:

Make Your Feet Look And Feel Great

Pedicures can also make your feet look and feel great. They can help to improve the appearance of your nails and make your feet look and feel softer and smoother. Pedicures can also add a touch of luxury and pampering to your life!

Help To Prevent Nail Problems

Pedicures can also help to prevent nail problems such as ingrown nails, fungal infections, and brittle nails. Pedicures can also help to prevent foot problems such as athlete's foot, bunions, and hammertoes.

Improve Blood Circulation

The massage during a Pedicure can also help to improve blood circulation in your feet. This is especially beneficial for people who suffer from poor circulation.

Help To Relieve Pain And Stress

Pedicures can help to relieve pain in your feet and legs. It also is a great way to relax and unwind. They can help to relieve stress and tension and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Women at spa salon after manicure and pedicure Pedicures are a great way to take care of your feet. They can help to improve their health and appearance. If you are thinking about getting a Pedicure, we hope that this blog post has helped you to understand everything you need to know about them! And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to help!

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