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Ohora nails
Good news! We are now an authorized retailer for Ohora in the United States, which means that we can offer our customers exclusive deals on high-quality products.

Ohora Nails is an innovative nail art brand that launched in 2019. Using cutting-edge technology, Ohora was the first to offer semi-cured gel nails on such a large scale. The company is known for its ability to discover new methods of salon-quality gel nails that can be done at home.

Ohora's gel polish stickers are manufactured with 60% real liquid gel, setting it apart from other companies that use a lower grade of ingredients. By using Ohora's product and curing it with a UV lamp at home, you will achieve the same results as if you had gone to a salon - but in minutes and without spending nearly as much money.

This new nail line offers a variety of trendy and classic styles to choose from. Whether you want to try something new or stick with a classic style, these nails are sure to impress. So what are you waiting for? Give Ohora a try today!

Why People Love Ohora Nails

#1 Best-Selling Gel Nails in Korea & Japan: With Ohora being the best-selling gel nail brand in both Korea and Japan, you can rest assured knowing that you're receiving a top-notch product.

ISO Quality Certified: Ohora is dedicated to quality, and that's why they are ISO Certified. You can shop with us knowing that you're getting products that meet the highest standards.

Cruelty And Vegan-Free: Ohora is against animal testing, does not use or contain animal-derived ingredients, and all of its products are vegan-friendly.

Beautiful: Ohora nails can turn basic nails into WOW nails in minutes, with no trip to the salon required.

Best Selling Ohora Products We Offer Right Now!

Ohora nails

N Caramel Bear: This dreamy caramel manicure stars an adorable teddy bear. It's complete with coffee and cream hues, marbling that looks like milk, and decals that resemble syrup.

N Lavien: A sensual manicure that is the perfect combination of sultry and sophisticated. It features a deep red gel base with a floral watercolor motif. This nail-art design will inspire confidence in any situation.

N Shooting Star: Get the mani of your dreams with this shooting star-inspired gel manicure. It features a dreamy purple glitter ombre and sparkling star sequins.

N Goblin Moon: This bewitching manicure is perfect for New Years or whenever you need some magic in your life. The purple gel base is beautiful and haunting, while the misty marbling and crescent moon decal add an air of mystery. Whether you're looking to add a touch of whimsy or you're going all out for a holiday, this is the perfect design.

N Veil: If you are looking for a timeless and elegant manicure, then N Veil is the ideal choice for you. The N Veil is a bright and clean manicure inspired by wedding veils. It features blush pink and white gel ombré that will flatter any complexion. This is a perfect choice for your wedding day manicure! The N Veil will make you feel confident and beautiful on your big day.

N Mulberry: This stunning manicure sets the tone for luxury. With deep burgundy gel, rich cream marbling, and delicate rose-gold foil flakes, you'll want to keep this look going all autumn long!

N Swanky: This design, a collaboration with @n.dear_yun, a professional nail salon from Seoul, is composed of chic ebony and nude colors in a luxurious tweed pattern. It is further elevated by the inclusion of glitter and gemstone details.

N Sylph: Make any outfit more sophisticated with this luxurious yet classic French manicure. The asymmetric white tips lined with gold are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your everyday style or dressing up for a formal event.

Features Of Ohora Nails

A nail mode wearing ohora nails

Here are some key features of Ohora gel nails:

Triple-Layered Thick Volume: The gel strips are composed of three layers: top, color, and base. This creates a fuller volume than other gel brands on the market.

Intricate Patterns and Vibrant Colors: The designs are intricate, and the colors are vibrant. You'll find everything from classic French tips to fun and funky patterns.

Long-Lasting and Durable: The gel strips are made to last. They are durable and can withstand everyday wear and tear.

Easy To Apply: Ohora's gel nails are easy to apply, and there is no need for a nail technician. You can do it at home in just a few minutes.

C-Curved Edges: The C-curved edges of Ohora's gel nails make them look more natural and stylish.

How Are Ohora Semi-cured Gel Nail Strips Applied?

These strips are applied like any regular semi-cured gel strip. Below, we will go over the steps on how to apply these strips.

Step One: Prep Nails

Before you start, you'll need to push back your cuticles, file your nails down, and wipe them with either polish remover or alcohol. This will help the semi-cured nails better stick to your natural nails. Make sure there is no oil present on your fingernails prior to moving forward.

Step Two: Match Gel Nail Sizes To Fingernails

To find the gel nails that fit you best, hold a strip up to your nail and select the size that mostly covers your nail without extending over the sides. If you can't decide, it's better to go with a larger size than a smaller one.

Step Three: Remove The Clear Cover On Gel Nail Piece And Apply it To the Nails

Now that you have the correctly-sized strip, it's an opportunity to apply them to your nails. To complete this process, begin by removing the clear plastic cover on top of the gel nail piece. Second, place the sticky side of the gel nail directly onto your natural nail.

Ensure that the gel nail is appropriately placed in relation to the center of your finger and there are no air bubbles before proceeding forward. If there you see any air bubbles present, use your finger to press them out until they disappear.

Step Four: Repeat Steps Two And Three For All Ten Fingers

Steps two and three should be repeated until all fingers have gel nails. To ensure the beauty of your manicure, make sure the gel nails are placed in the center of each nail bed and that there are no air bubbles.

Step Five: Trim Excess Gel Nails

Once your gel nails have been applied to all ten fingers, use nail clippers or a nail file to trim off any excess gel hanging over the sides of your natural nails.

Step Six: Let The Gel Nails Cure

The next step after applying gel nails is to cure them. For this, you will need to place your hand under a UV Led lamp and let the nails cure for 2-4 minutes. The amount of time needed may be less if you are using a lamp with higher wattage. Curing is complete when the gel is hard and shiny. Be sure to repeat the process on both hands.

Step Seven: Apply Top Coat (optional)

After your nails have dried, feel free to apply a top coat--this will help lengthen the duration of your manicure. Applying the top coat is simple: just paint it on as you would regular nail polish and Cap The Free Edge. Be sure to cure the top coat under the UV LED lamp for 1-3 minutes.

Removal Process

A wooden cuticle stick is included in each Ohora kit. This wooden stick can be used to help remove your semi-cured gel nails.

To remove your semi-cured gel nails, start by soaking a cotton ball in acetone or nail polish remover serum. Once the cotton ball is saturated, place it over your gel nail and wrap your finger in aluminum foil. Repeat this process for each nail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A Set Today?

Yes! Products officially launched on the website October 27th.

What If I Don't Like The Color or design?

If you don't like the color of your semi-cured gel nails, you can try a different color. We glossed over the removal process in the section above, but it's relatively simple: just use acetone nail polish remover and a cotton ball.

Can I Wear These Nails In Water?

Yes! You can wear these nails in water without any problems.

How Long Do The Semi-cured Gel Nails Last?

On average, these nails will last 2-3 weeks with proper nail care. To make them last as long as possible, ensure to practice proper nail hygiene and store your nails in a cool and dry place.

What If I Have Allergies

Ohora nails do not contain any harsh chemicals or toxic substances. They are made of high-quality materials that are safe for most people.


Ohora semi-cured nails became available on the 27th of October! Trust us when we say you absolutely don't want to wait before getting your products, as Ohora nails are very popular! Get your favorite designs while they're in stock! They are easy to apply, come in a variety of colors, and, most importantly--they look absolutely stunning. Gellydrop nails are a great gift idea with the holidays coming soon. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know when new designs are available and your favorites are restocked.

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