Get The Perfect Christmas Nails This Holiday Season!

Get The Perfect Christmas Nails This Holiday Season!
It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not just because of the season of giving, the tasty holiday treats, the beautiful holiday decorations, or even the sparkling Christmas tree. We're talking about Christmas nails and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas now that Thanksgiving has past. That means it’s time to break out the red and green polish and get into the holiday spirit with a festive manicure. But remember, you don't have to limit yourself to that anymore, especially after we give you some ideas. Now is the time to get creative and have some fun with your nails. Here is some inspiration for your Christmas nails this holiday season.

Top 5 Festive Nail Ideas

  1. Candy Cane StripesCandy cane nails are the perfect way to show your holiday mood. They're also fairly easy to do yourself. All you need is white, red, and green nail polish and some striping tape. First, paint your nails white. Then, use the tape to create stripes on each nail. Once you have the stripes in place, paint over the entire nail with red polish. Finally, remove the tape and add a green bow at the top of each nail. Looking at candy cane nails will definitely make you crave candy canes all the time!
  2. Grinch NailsWho wants a visit from the Grinch this Christmas? Show him (or her) that you're not afraid with these festive nails! Start by painting your nails green, then use a small paintbrush or toothpick to add on the Grinch's signature black dots. Use white polish to add his bright eyes and red polish for his mouth. Finish things off by adding some green sparkles around the edges of each nail.
  3. Reindeer NailsReindeer nails are a for sure way to get festive during the Christmas season. Start with a brown base coat for your nails. Then use a black polish to make small dots for eyes and an even smaller dot for the nose. Don't forget about the rednosed reindeer if you're trying to be extra festive. Next, use a glittery polish to make antlers on each side of the reindeer's head. Finish it off by adding some gold hooves at the bottom of each nail.
  4. Christmas Tree NailsChristmas tree nails are one of the biggest holiday nail trends during the winter season. Begin by painting your nails green as a base coat color(or any color if you want an artificial tree). Once that's dry, use a toothpick or dotting tool to build upward triangles starting from the bottom corner of each nail until you reach the top point. Use different colors for ornament balls (dots) and top stars(single dots)and finish with topcoat for protection!
  5. Santa Claus NailsPaint your nails red and white to look like Santa's suit. Then add a small black belt and gold buckle at the center of each nail. For the finishing touch, paint a tiny Santa hat on your featured nail.

Christmas Nails From Gellydrops

What's better than having beautiful Christmas nails? Having beautiful Christmas nails that you can do from home! Gellydrops has a wide variety of semi-cured gel nails you can buy and turn into cute Christmas nails. To customize your Christmas nails, all you have to do is add some fun nail decals. Or better yet, we even offer some Christmas nail designs already done, so you just have to put them on. All you have to do to get started is file down your natural nails to prep your nails. Make sure to get the perfect nail shape for you. Then just apply the strips, file off the excess, and cure under a UV lamp. Once that's done, add a gel top coat and cure again and you're done! You'll have simple Christmas nails that you can do at home. Check out some of these options for you to try.
  1. P Linda

Christmas nails aren't just about having the most festive manicure. You want to show your feet some love too! P Linda is perfect for this Christmas season. Red is, of course, one of the most popular classic Christmas colors, but nothing is more sophisticated than a deep burgundy. This set features multicolored glitter and a high gloss finish. Nothing says Christmas time like glitter nails on your toes!
  1. P Tint Burgundy

If you're more of a true red Christmas nails type of person, this Ohora pedi set will be perfect for you. P Tint is a beautiful wine red that doesn't scream Christmas, but gives you all the festive vibes. You can also add a little bit of fun to your holiday nails by using some of the the nail decal stickers on top.
  1. N Tartan Bustier

Wrap up your nails in this beautiful plaid design. Featuring a glossy wine-colored gel, shimmering red glitter, a festive tartan pattern, and a hint of gold glitter. N Tartan, the perfect dark red nails will make a great Christmas manicure.
  1. N Noel

A minimalist manicure made for the holidays. N Noel combines snow white and dark green gel with dainty Christmas-colored nail art. The cute little candy cane will make you want to have all the candy canes this Christmas. This set will be sure to get you in the Christmas spirit.
  1. Red Blanket Check

Red Blanket Check semi cured gel nails add just the right amount of spice to your life. Having a few gold glitter nails gives them a festive feel, while the black and red checkers elevate their look from everyday to extraordinary. Whether you're going out on a date or just running errands, these nails will have you looking your best this festive season.
  1. Merry Snow

If you're looking for festive nail art, Merry Snow could be the set for you. These 100% real gel nail strips are a winter lover’s dream. Honestly, everyone wants cute snowflake nails inspired by snowflakes falling on a chilly winter sky. These light blue nails have just the perfect amount of silver glitter to make them one of the best Christmas nail art designs.
  1. Light Like U

Shine bright like Christmas lights with this cute winter manicure. Light Like U is the perfect set for you if you're looking for a festive Christmas look that features silver sparkles. This Christmas nail design doesn't scream overly festive, but this set is a true classic.
  1. Nail Decal Stickers

Gellydrops also has tons of nails stickers that you can use for your Christmas nails this holiday season, especially if you just want a little accent nail to show your festiveness. From snowflake nails designs, to santa nails with their cute little santa hats, to reindeer nails, to christmas trees, all you need to do is use the nail stickers on a few nails. You can use these Christmas symbols to fully customize your nail art all by yourself. These are a great option for nail art ideas to come to life is the easiest way possible. It doesn't just have to be a red and white Christmas!

A Christmas Twist To The Classic Nails

Sometimes Christmas can be overwhelming. If you want to keep it simple, there's other way to have a cute Christmas nail design without going super festive. At the end of the day, it's all about what you like. Treat yourself to a Christmas manicure, even if you don't have any Christmas nail designs. Here's 5 options you could try.
  1. Classic French ManiA french manicure is always a great look. Whether you're wanting to keep it classy, or you're just too indecisive to pick a style of christmas nails that fits your personality, you really can't go wrong with a french manicure. Try adding nail art, like a cute Christmas tree to a couple of your nails to get extra festive.
  2. White Christmas NailsWhite nails are always a classy look. There's tons of ways to make white nails work for you as Christmas nails. If you want to use white nail art, but keep the overall look simple, try a textured nails look like sweater nails. If you're feeling a little bit more festive, try some red and white Christmas nails. You could add a cute nail art design, like a Santa hat on one of your nails and a candy cane on another one. Holiday nail art is all about what you enjoy, so keep it simple if you want.
  1. Gold PolishGold nails are a staple at Christmas time. There are tons of ways to achieve this look. You could use gold leaf if you wanted to be a little more fancy. Gold tips are a good way to keep the look simple. If you want to add a nail design, try gold snowflakes on your accent holiday nail.
  2. Glitter PolishGlitter polish is a super easy way to make your holiday nails seems more festive. Pick your favorite gold glitter to add to any color this holiday to make the most simple nail design. Christmas nail designs don't have to be super fancy and you don't need to have nail art to be festive, simple gold nails can be festive by them self.
  3. Dark Blue Christmas NailsChristmas nail art designs don't have to be red, white, or even green. Dark blue nail designs can make your nails look like a Winter Wonderland. Try painting your nails blue and adding cute Christmas nail art designs to them to make them festive.


Don't just settle for boring old red or green nails, unless that's what you want of course! Try cute Christmas tree nail designs, if that's what you're into. Get creative and have some fun with your manicure by trying out one (or all!) of these fashionable Christmas nail art trends. If you're looking for inspiration, try Gellydrops Holiday Bundle #1 or the Holiday Bundle #2 to jumpstart your holiday nail art, they have all the perks of being simple but giving you the best Christmas nail art. Your friends and family will be sure to be impressed when they see your fabulous new holiday nails. And who knows? You might just start a new trend of your own! Have a very festive Christmas!

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