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We call this Wonderbase because of it’s super hero base coat quality.  Whether you are a wet gel enthusiast or a semi-cured gel collector, your nails need an armor to protect it from the constant changing of your mani.  What’s it’s superpower?

  1. Wet Gel: Our Wonderbase Air is an air dry peelable base coat that converts wet gel into a peelable gel.  This allows you to use any Soak Off UV gel product WITHOUT having to soak it off.  Apply a thin layer of the Wonderbase Air, let it dry, then proceed with your wet gel application.  When it is time to remove, soak hands in a cuticle oil/water solution or use one of our amazing remover solutions found in our nail care section of the shop.   There’s no need for acetone and no buffing/filing required.   It lasts up to 12 days of wear.
  2. Semi-Cured Gel: Wonderbase Air can also be used as a base coat under semi-cured gel strips.  If you have nails that easily damage, your favorite semi-cured gel strips won’t stick on well, or you just love to change out your semi-cured gel sets out every single week then this is a good base coat for you.  There’s no UV needed.  Just brush a thin layer of Wonderbase Air, let it air dry, and then proceed with your semi-cured gel nail application.  The surface will still be tacky when it is dry and that is what will help grab on to the semi-cured gel strips.  Removal is a breeze with your regular semi-cured gel mani removal process.  There’s no added step. In fact, you’ll probably find that it’s easier to get your strips off with the Wonderbase Air.

How to Choose:  Wonderbase Air vs. Wonderbase UV – The purpose of these 2 basecoats are the same but everyone’s nail chemistry is different and one may work better than the other in terms of protection and adhesion.  If you want less curing time, or you have a HEMA allergy, or you don’t like the tingly feeling of wet gel curing on your nails then use the Wonderbase Air.  If you don’t mind the UV and want ultimate protection then use the Wonderbase UV.  This formula showed no signs of drying natural nails even after 2 weeks of wear and continual use.  Plus, it cleans off easily with alcohol wipes.

Special Note: IF your priority is to keep your gel mani set on for as long as possible (like 2+ weeks), we don’t recommend this product.  Wonderbase Air is designed for protection against quick and frequent mani changes.

Size: 9 mL

DO NOT Cure Under UV light

INGREDIENTS: Ethyl Acetate, Acylates Copolymer, MEK, Butyl Methacrylate

1 review for WONDERBASE AIR

  1. Leah (verified owner)

    I just used this and my nails lasted two weeks. Could have lasted longer, no lifting or pop offs but I get bored and have to change out my scg nails. This product is super easy to use and my scg nails lasted through swimming everyday and using my hot tub. I wash dishes and clean and they looked perfect. Using this product made them a dream to take off with out any nail damage. I used a mix of acetone and cuticle oil to remove with a floser. Easy peasy. A little acetone on some paper towel and the base coat was removed. So simple. Gellydrops also sells removers that are great too but I forgot to order them and had to make do with what I had.

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