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Neon Pigment Powder Set


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Want a fun, bright, easy to put on mani?  These Neon Glow In The Dark Pigment Powder will give your nails a pop of color.  The neon pigment powder gives you more control over wet gel and removes risk of flooding the nail edges so you can have a super clean look.  You can control whether you want a soft pastel shade or a rich neon color with just a slight change in the application method.

Sold as set of 6 pigment jars (does not come with applicator brush) .  You get jar of each neon color: blue, orange, yellow, green, purple, and pink.

Weight – 2g per jar X 6 jars

Application Instructions for Semi-Cured Gel :

  • Step 1: Adhere semi-cured gel strip to nails (we recommend white or clear) and cure
  • Step 2 For soft pastel look:
    • Apply gel top coat and cure for only 8-10 seconds on a 6 watt lamp.
    • Use a scooper to pour powder over the semi-wet nails, then cure.
    • Apply Top Coat and cure
  • Step 2: For rich, saturated look:
    • Apply gel top coat and DO NOT CURE.  Leave top coat completely wet.
    • Use a scooper to pour powder over the wet nails, then cure.
    • Optional 2nd coat – apply top coat and sprinkle powder over the wet nails again.
    • Apply top coat and cure

Note: By simply changing how wet your top coat is, you can control how light or how dark your nails look. In our photos, all the lighter pastel colors cures the top coat for 8-10 seconds before applying powder.  The darker, richer shade uses completely wet top gel and powder was applied twice.

Tips & Tricks: Don’t forget to swipe top coat brush over a lint free paper after you apply it on to the powder in case some color from the powder gets on the brush.  You don’t want to the neon color inside your top coat gel bottle.

Ingredients: Dialuminum Strontium Tetraoxide, Europium Oxide, Dysprosium Oxide



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