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EdgeU Instructional Video

How To: Application

how to step 1: prep nails

Step 1.
Prep Nails

how to step 2: apply strips

Step 2.
Apply Strips

how to step 3: file off excess

Step 3.
File Off Excess

how to step 4: cure under UV Lamp

Step 4.
Cure Under UV Lamp

how to step 5: apply top gel

Step 5.
Apply Top Gel

how to step 6: cure under UV Lamp

Step 6.
Cure Under UV Lamp

How To: Removal

how to remove nails

Step 1. Apply Remover 

Drop 2-3 drops of gel remover onto the nails and leave them on for 5 seconds.

Step 2. Gently Remove

Gently push from the edge of the nails with a wood stick for removal. Add additional drops along the way if nail wrap has tight adhesion.

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