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We started with a sample that became a collection and evolved into an obsession. We had a vision of high-quality gel manicures that can easily be applied at home in all shades, designs, glitters, and gems. There just weren’t enough patterns sold by one maker to fulfill what we dreamed of. So, we started GellyDrops and collected as many designs as possible to fit all our vibes. Why? Because it’s not just a manicure, it’s a lifestyle.

We searched high and low for quality gel nail strips and carry only the top brands from South Korea, the innovative leaders of semi-cured gel nail technology. Your gel manicure will feel stronger and shine like no other.

GellyDrops offers more than 230 designs and our collection is rapidly growing. Our goal is to stock the most diverse and inclusive selection of semicured gel nail designs. We have the quickest turnaround with gellies shipping from our Los Angeles warehouse and delivered in 1-3 days in the USA. We also have a dedicated customer service team to help answer all your questions.


-The GellyDrops Team

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